Threlte 3D-Dataviz Tutorial

Creating 3D data visualization using

Welcome to our 3D Dataviz tutorial series! In this series, we will explore the exciting world of 3D data visualization using Threlte, a powerful framework that combines the ease of use of Three.js with the flexibility of Svelte. We will guide you through the process of creating stunning and interactive visualizations that go beyond traditional 2D charts. Whether you're a seasoned data visualization designer or just getting started, this series will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create immersive data experiences that captivate your audience. Let's dive in!

About us

Stefan Pullen

Freelance information designer from Amsterdam.

Stefan Reifenberg

Freelance frontend developer from Freiburg, Germany.

What we will be building

Image of the final Visualisation Let's start with the first Tutorial Part2: Adding labels in a 3D space Part3: Interactivity